From  almost 30 applied works the Dramaturgical Council selected seven for presentation at the Czech Dance Platform on 1 – 4 April 2020.  It was not easy to choose between already proven names and the up-and-coming generation and they did not reach absolute consensus about any work. All the more varied, therefore, the resulting mix that the program offers.


Selected works:

And Who is Useless Now? (O. Holba, F. Golfier) 

Constellations III – My Son Looking to the Sun (Spitfire Company), 

Duets (Temporary Collective / T. Ondrová, P. Tejnorová)

Generation X (M. Záhora) 

The Lion's Den (S. Bočková & J. Pocková),

Lavabo (J. Stárková, L. Blaha, O. Menoušek )

Roselyne (Cécile Da Costa).


The CDP Dramaturgical Council

Lucie Hayashi, Lúcia Kašiarová, Pierre Nadaud, Jitka Pavlišová, Nina Vangeli, 

za pořádající Tanec Praha se dělily o jeden hlas Yvona Kreuzmannová s Markétou Perroud.