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The Czech Dance Platform, which presents the most interesting performances produced on the Czech dance scene every year, is popular not only with the public, but primarily with domestic and international professionals. The Platform is a great opportunity for networking, as it encourages close international and national contacts and subsequent collaboration.

Each year, the Programming Council made up of independent dance professionals (critics, curators, producers, artists and others) selects around 10 of the most interesting performances from the past year.

The Platform is rooted in its rich accompanying program, which includes Meet the Artists, site-specific projects, artist trips, discussions, presentations and much more.


In addition, several awards are presented at the Czech Dance Platform:

The Czech Dance Platform Awards will replace the Dance Production of the Year and Dancer of the Year awards beginning in 2019. Members of an international jury will recognize excellence in performance or personality at the Platform.


An Audience Award decided by all those who attend the Platform will also be presented, as well as a Light Design Award in cooperation with the Institute of Light Design and Manager of the Year / Jiří Opěla Award for a prominent figure in the field of dance management.

  • Between 2002 and 2009, thanks to its partnership with SAZKA the Tanec Praha civic association granted the SAZKA Award for "discovery in dance". This award was connected with a financial reward for the creation of a new work.
  • Since 2002, Platform audiences have also voted for the Audience Award (in 2018 it was replaced by the selection of the Audience Jury, from 2019 it will be granted again).
  • Since 2005, the festival jury have decided on the granting of the Dancer of the Year award. This continued in a new stage in 2011 – 2018. In 2011, thanks to the support of the Institute of the Arts and the Theatre Institute, a festival jury was for the first time invited to Prague, composed of international and Czech experts, which decided on the granting of a new award – Dance Production of the Year. Tanec Praha strove to preserve the continuity of this award, whose main purpose is the expert recognition of local art, which is extremely important for the development of the field as a whole.
  • In 2009, Tanec Praha began working with the Institute of Light Design, with which it grants the Light Design award. This award is based on the belief in the need to promote current trends in the field of Czech production design.
  • Since 2016, a Manager of the Year award has been granted. It was initiated by Jiří Opěla, the de facto pioneer of the management of independent dance ensembles. The task of the three-member jury is to chart the greatest achievements in the field of dance management achieved by individual figures. The award concerns both the production of a performance, ensemble or project, as well as a space dedicated to the creation and presentation of dance in the Czech Republic.

SAZKA Prize for "discovery in dance"
2002 Petr Tyc: The Little I Know about the Sylphids
2003 Kristýna Celbová: Agáta 19...
2004 Petra Hauerová: Night Moth
2005 VerTeDance: Silent Talk
2006 Jaro Viňarský: Last Step Before
2007 Ioana Mona Popovici: Portrait
2008 Lenka Bartůňková: Library
2009 Kateřina Stupecká: Da Capo

Dance Piece of the Year
2011 Jarek Cemerek: Void Amongst Humans
2012 VerTeDance: What is the weight of your desire?
2013 Lenka Vagnerová & Comp.: Riders
2014 VerTeDance / Jiří Havelka / Clarinet Factory: CORRECTION  web
2015 Jozef Fruček a Linda Kapetanea (RootLessRoot, SK/GR) / DOT504 (CZ): Collective Loss of Memory  web
2016 Farma v jeskyni: Disconnected  web
2017 Tereza Hradilková: Swish  web  
2018 Martin Talaga: SOMA#8   web
2019 Viktor Černický: PLI   web


Interpretation Award later renamed Dancer of the Year
2005 Lenka Vágnerová: Homo Sentimentalis
2006 Lea Švejdová (Čapková): Synchronicity
2007 Anna Caunerová: Portrét
2008 Helena Arenbergová: Holdin' Fast
2009 Nataša Novotná: Golden Crock, Bo/lero
2010 Tereza Ondrová: Případy doktora Toureta / The Cases of Dr. Touret
2011 Jarek Cemerek: Void Amongst Humans
2012 Lucia Kašiarová: What is the weight of your desire?
2013 Markéta Vacovská: One Step Before the Fall
2014 Andrea Opavská: La Loba  web
2015 Martina Hajdyla Lacová: SuperNaturals web
2016 Jaro Ondruš: GUIDE a Absent web
2017 Helena Arenbergerová: Flow    web
2018 Cécile da Costa / Spitfire Company: The Narrator   web
2019 Tereza Ondrová: Same same   web


The Light Design Award
2009 Tomáš Morávek: Da Capo
2010 Jan Komárek: Crime and Punishment, Tore, Gaia
2011 Pavla Beranová: Sacrebleu
2012 Pavel Kotlík: Found & Lost
2013 Martin Špetlík: One Step Before the Fall
2014 Katarína Ďuricová: CORRECTION and collective of authors: Animal Carnival
2015 Adam Uzelac: Phrasing the Pain
2016 team of project GUIDE
2017: Katarína Ďuricová: Flow
2018: Jiří Šmirk / Spitfire Company: TheNarrator

Audience Award
2002 Eva Černá & Karel Vaněk: Adáádání – Desert blues
2003 Robert Tirpák: Inside of
2004 Jan Kodet: Lola and Mr. Talk
2005 Kristýna Lhotáková a Ladislav Soukup: Osoby a obsazení
2006 Jaro Viňarský: Last step before
2007 Jan Kodet: (e)MOTION PURE-KEVEL
2008 Vojtěch Švejda: Alberts Fear
2009 Karel Vaněk: Orphans
2010 ME-SA: Echoes
2011 Lenka Vágnerová & Pavel Mašek / DOT504: Mah Hunt
2012 Monika Rebcová: Africa – Consideration
2013 VerTeDance: Simulante Bande
2014 Barbora Látalová a kol.: Animal Carneval  web
2015 Jozef Fruček a Linda Kapetanea (RootLessRoot, SK/GR) / DOT504 (CZ): Collective Loss of Memory  web
2016 Věra Ondrašíková: GUIDE
2017 Petra Tejnorová, Jaro Viňarský a kol.: YOU ARE HERE - web

Manager of the Year
2016 Karolína Hejnová
2017 Jan Malík
2018 Lucia Kašiarová

Special Mention
2013 Zuzana Pitterová: Simulante Bande