Basic selection criteria

The Czech Dance Platform (CDP) is an annual opportunity to observe the current state of contemporary dance and movement theatre in this country and the trends that this field is pursuing in the Czech Republic. The platform is a place where Czech dance professionals can explore their ideas as well as build domestic and international contacts.

The BASIC CRITERIA which the Programming Council of the Czech Dance Platform are looking for when creating the program:

In general, the Council seeks to demonstrate the high quality and diversity of works of contemporary dance and movement theatre. Czech works means works by Czech artists that were created in domestic conditions or in foreign stays or residencies, as well as works by international artists residing and working in the Czech Republic. To preserve diversity, the Council each year includes only one work from the same artist/choreographer.

The CDP aims to encapsulate the current conditions and therefore gives priority to works created in the past year. In exceptional cases, the Programming Council may assign a work that was entered in the previous year, but for objective reasons could not be included.

We understand dance and movement theatre in a broad modern liberal concept, where both purely dance forms and cross-overs have a place; generally, all forms that work with movement and the body as the main component of artistic expression, extending all the way to so-called performance and new circus. Since national platforms are commonly watched by international guests, the jury is compelled to consider the international context and to anticipate the potential interest of international visitors and professionals. Therefore, another important criterion is how the selected works will resonate abroad.

The quality of the work is understood as the strong opinion or attitude of the creators; as to the theme of the work, individual, unmistakable expression and originality of dance language are paramount. The Council also monitors whether and how the work responds to the contemporary aesthetic context.

The Programming Council of the CDP seeks and draws attention to creators-authors with a strong personal artistic signature, artists with the courage to go beyond conventions, if persistent inspiration and a relevant message are behind their work.

A professional level of dance/movement performance inherently belongs to this quality – but it is not an end in itself. The Council also requires the other components of the performance to be at a professional level.

The status and composition of works of dance and movement theatre is variable in each year. Pertinently expressing changes in the aesthetic, content or social paradigm, which cannot be permanently defined, is the task of the experts on the Council, which assumes full responsibility for any reasonable changes in the approach.

The Council has a variable, if possible odd number of members or votes. Part of the Council consists of representatives of Tanec Praha, who also bear the greatest responsibility for the success and results of the whole process. They have one voice.