The 25th anniversary year of the Czech Dance Platform has now come and gone. Over less than four days, we looked forward to almost 120 guests from all over the world, together watched 12 of the most interesting domestic productions and participated in a varied accompanying program: expert discussions (Choreographic Forum, Brunch & Discussion – Meet the Artists) and walks led by the artists themselves (Artist trips).

The festival culminated with the closing ceremony and the Czech Dance Platform Awards. Compared to previous years, the new award format emphasizes reflection on the field over competition. The jury was able to appreciate the individual and the work in their complexity and give a detailed explanation of its decision. We would like to thank and congratulate all participants and winners and look forward to next year!


This year's Czech Dance Platform Awards, Special Recognition and Special Mention:


Markéta Stránská – LeŤ!

Special Recognition by the jury for the "extraordinary energy with which she embodied her role and the redefinition of beauty and excellence in contemporary dance that her work undoubtedly brings."

Tereza Hradilková – Don't Stop

Special Recognition. "The result of intense movement research in this case is the performer's extraordinary stage energy, as well as the intimate and no less fascinating atmosphere."  


Special Mention for "great teamwork and an inventive creative process that helped to develop a very demanding concept. Our thanks go to the courage to take risks, as well as artistic integrity and a creative approach to scenography."

Same Same

Special Recognition by the jury, which was impressed by the "the humour and complexity of the approach, as well as the strong individuality of both performers."

Tereza Ondrová

The Czech Dance Platform Award for Best Dance Performance for "an impressive rendition of the role with all its shades, embodied movement erudition, high quality movement performance and, last but not least, generosity and openness to the audience, both on the part of the performer and the work itself."


Czech Dance Platform Award for "original choreographic approach and exceptional performance quality of PLI. As a representative of the emerging choreographic and dance generation, Černický was able to build a brilliant movement performance, a scenic metaphor of human obsession, and to reach heavenly heights using only simple everyday objects."