Tanec Praha started organizing the festival along the lines of similar platforms already established in Europe. The first Czech Dance Platform was an inconspicuous review of Czech dance works at the Duncan Centre Conservatory in 1995.

Over the next four years the festival took the form of a profiled event of the town of Hradec Králové entitled Entrée to Dance.

On the occasion of the general meeting of the IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts) in Prague in April 2000, the Platform returned once and for all to the capital with the aim of using the space of the recently rebuilt PONEC Theatre and other Prague venues (Alfred ve dvoře, Duncan Centre, the NoD Experimental Space, DISK, Švandovo divadlo, La Fabrika, Archa Theatre, Studio ALTA etc.).

The Czech Republic is the only European country where the Platform has maintained its annual continuity.


26th Czech Dance Platform • 25. 11. 2020

25th Czech Dance Platform • 1. – 4. 4. 2019