Idea, concept, performer:

Lucia Kašiarová


Sára Arnstein, Jiří Šimek


Tomáš Vtípil


Magdalena Vrábová


Martin Hamouz

Light design:

Štěpán Hejzlar

Artistic support:

Peter Šavel


Studio ALTA  a Tereza Tomášová (Ufftenživot)

Special Thanks:

Jan Tyl


Studio ALTA 


45 min


17.6. 2021, Studio ALTA

A performative non-solo

Don’t consider this a synopsis. I no longer want to pretend that I know what I’m doing. The creation of “Mnohodinec” was initiated by me, Lucia Kašiarová, but despite this, “I” do not feel like an individual (jedinec) – I feel like a Multividual (mnohodinec). What does that even mean?

The starting point for my life and work is “multividuality”. I am interested in how we can approach the permeation of personal and general experiences. Where does one end and another begin? Through my body, voice, and imagination, I search for and apply methods to materialise and consider this permeation – how to retain one’s own autonomy and yet permeate each other in multividuality. Chance, error, superposition, dance, physics, the universe, and movement are starting points for action. Through words and through the body.

How many squares must I draw to create a circle?

How far must I be to see myself?

How close must I be to see the whole?


During the creation of this piece, I maintained a correspondence with the project’s dramaturgs, Jiří Šimek and Sára Arnstein, and I’d like to share this section with you (unedited):

J and S:
I’m thinking about what it’s for… I mean, trying to make a connection… When you look around you today, you can see that what we call “connection” is, in fact, disconnection. Disconnection is the new black. Of course, everything influences everything else, but if that’s really the case… it also means that everything is a little bit of nothing. Or rather, it’s about looking ourselves (or everyone) in the eye and telling ourselves this. Accepting that we might be good for nothing. Or, that the vision of connection is a utopia, and unless I am mistaking, there has never been a functional utopia.

Look, Black is black, upsidedown, outside in – yes, we’re pointless, or rather it’s good to remind ourselves that “nothing” doesn’t mean nothing. But at the same time, every step of ours, every breath in, every breath out is an important component of life. Why? BECAUSE! Because what is, IS. And it can’t not be. We are, and therefore we bear responsibility for the development of the whole. At the very least for ourselves and our immediate surroundings. All the more, then, it can help us today to make ourselves conscious in any way – including art – of the fact that we are not alone, as many of us may and do feel that way.


Mnohodinec is a collective work by a group of artists, using the specific body of Lucia Kašiarová to bring to the stage facts that might be impossible to grasp, creating a space in which past and present do not exist. A space in which they wish, for a moment, to face the unutterable, the unfinished, the ungraspable together. The meaning of it, however, is in this facing together, not in a message or conclusion we have arrived at or will arrive at together.


Photo: Anežka Medová
Photo: Anežka Medová
Photo: Anežka Medová
Photo: Anežka Medová