Martin Talaga


Tomáš Procházka


Filip Míšek

light design:

Karel Šimek


Dušan Prekop, Matěj Kos


Vojtěch Bašta


Helena Araújo, Marek Menšík, Alica Minárová, Radim Klásek


Adriána Spišáková


40 min


6. listopadu 2021, Savarin

The origin of the triple conception of the body is the Greek philosopher Posidonius. Since then, the body has been described as soma, sarx and pexis. Posidonius sees the body as threefold: the tangible, graspable, and disassemblable body, or ‘sarx’;  the body which gives the external appearance of man, his appearance and performance or, one could say his outwardly radiating character – ‘soma’.


If we describe the body from the perspective of its surface, we get "soma", somatotype, shape and form. If we describe the body against the background of time and sequence, or successivity, we get a body in the sense of ‘sarx’. The body contains individual organs, each with their own functions, which are realized over time. This body belongs to doctors and scientists.


SARX builds on Talaga's successful SOMA project. The performance combines strong visuals and movement, and deals with the issue of the body and its transience. Where SOMA has presented the body in all its beauty and imperfections, SARX breaks down the body and allows more thoughtful and intense research.



Photo: Magdalena 'Majfi' Fiala
Photo: Magdalena 'Majfi' Fiala