Czech Centres Award
The jury decided to award this dancer for the ability to enhance the body’s eloquence, and the radical commitment to create new spaces for imagination and associations with her presence and performance. The dancer is Martina Hajdyla.

Special mention of the Jury for the interpretation in the piece Together Alone choreographed by Yana Reutova (UA) for a promising talent, young dancer from Ukraine Diana Khrushch.

Special mention for the lighting design of the piece Soft Spot for expanding the concept of space on stage to Tomáš Morávek.

Czech Dance Platform Award – creative residencies in Studio Krenovka with possibility to premiere a new work in PONEC – dance venue and in REZI.DANCE Komařice.

Jazmína Piktorová & Sabina Bočková: Microworlds 
The jury decided to award this production because of the outstanding complexity of the work. The playfull presence of the three performers are letting us seeing things in a different perspective. Their interactive imaginative approach opens up a completely new universe for children, their families, for everybody. We especially appreciated the concept of returning to nature. A journey that brought us from this fast-big world to the tiny fragile vulnerable aspects of our human existence. An invitation to re-appreciate the small things in our live.  

Eliška Brtnická & coll.: Thin Skin
This work creates multiple spaces in a poetic mix of contemporary movement language and new circus. The performers suspend time with surprising interactions of the physical body and physic of the material. Allowing us to discover landscape where the body/light/darkness and shadows in a harmonious dialogue. Truly expanding our borders our of imagination.


 (c) Adéla Vosičková



Marta Ljubková – Dramaturge, publicist, theatre and literary critic. At home and abroad, she lectures and writes on contemporary Czech prose and drama, and teaches at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU in Prague.

Martin Macháček – Czech playwright, director, actor, theater critic, VJ, editor and radio columnist (ČRo).

Markéta Málková – Director and dramaturge of the art residency house for live art in Komařice, South Bohemia.

Yvona Kreuzmannová –Director and founder of Tanec Praha, author of Dancehouse Prague project (one shared vote with Markéta Perroud).  

Jitka Pavlišová – Assistant professor at the Department of Theory and Criticism at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU) and the Department of Film Studies at palacký University in Olomouc, member of the dramaturgical team of dance & performative programs of the Divadelní Flora festival. 

Markéta Perroud – Artistic co-director of Tanec Praha and artistic director of PONEC - dance venue (one shared vote with Yvona Kreuzmannová).


Read more about the selection process here.




Roberto Casarotto – Co-director of Aerowaves, IT

Anna Kalita – Manager of the Lublin Dance Theatre in the Centre for Culture in Lublin, PL

Catja Loepfe – Artistic and managing director, Tanzhaus Zurich, CH

Freddie Opoku - Addaie – Artistic director & chief executive of the Dance Umbrella festival, UK

Samme Raeymaekers – Artist director of Dansens Hus Oslo, NO


The international jury also includes members of the Dramaturgical Council.