Rules for Visitors and Terms & Conditions

  1. By purchasing a ticket, the viewer agrees with the rules for visitors and the terms & conditions of the theatre. All tickets can be purchased online at the theatre’s website, at (by card / bank transfer) or at the box office. Purchased tickets cannot be exchanged or returned. When purchasing, check the accuracy of the information on the ticket.
  2. Every person entering the theatre is required to present a valid ticket. Visitors less than 15 years of age can only enter the theatre accompanied by an adult. Pupils/students must be supervised by their teachers or another escort.
  3. The program is subject to change.
  4. Unless otherwise stated, the price of admission will be refunded only in the case of a cancelled performance. Information will be provided by the theatre’s sales department. Tickets can only be returned where they were purchased, unless otherwise stated. Tickets purchased through bulk orders can be exchanged or returned if the performance is changed or cancelled only in the theatre’s sales department.
  5. Upon cancellation of a performance, tickets will be exchanged for another date according to the instructions of the theatre’s sales department.
  6. Lost tickets will not be refunded. In exceptional cases, it is possible to ask the theatre’s sales department to issue a duplicate, which is subject to a fee of CZK 50 per ticket.
  7. The viewer is obliged to collect clothes and bags stored in the theatre’s cloakroom immediately or no later than 30 minutes after the performance. If a viewer wishes to stay in the theatre café, they must first collect their belongings from the cloakroom.
  8. The ticketholder acknowledges that an audio-visual record can be made during or in connection with the performance. In connection with this, the ticketholder agrees that his or her image may be recorded. At the same time, the viewer provides the theatre and third parties the right to use such audio-visual recordings for the promotional purposes of the PONEC Theatre.
  9. Making audio-video recordings during performances in any way, including the internet and mobile phones, is prohibited.
  10. Entry to the theatre is not allowed after the start of the performance.
  11. It is forbidden to make noise or to otherwise be disruptive during the performance.
  12. Visitors to the theatre may only enter the areas designated for them and not the areas reserved for the technicians, artists and other staff of the theatre.
  13. Everyone enters the theatre at their own risk.
  14. Every person entering the theatre is obliged to behave in such a way as to avoid damage to the theatre or its equipment and is obliged to maintain cleanliness and order in the vicinity of the theatre.
  15. The theatre operator reserves the right to refuse entry or expel anyone under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other psychotropic substances, as well as any person whose behaviour is deemed to be inappropriate.
  1. Visitors may not bring animals into the theatre, except for assistance dogs for the physically disabled.
  2. he theatre only allows the consumption of food and beverages purchased in the theatre, only in reserved places; drinks can be brought into the auditorium only if they are in a plastic cup. The theatre strictly forbids the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 18.
  3. If personal items are forgotten in the theatre during the performance, the item (if found by the theatre staff) will be stored for one month in the theatre’s lost & found department.
  4. The theatre operator and event organizer assume no liability for the loss or theft of items, except for those items that the theatre operator has taken into custody in a specially designated area for this purpose (cloakroom). The viewer is obliged to pay a fee of CZK 50 for the loss of the cloakroom number.
  5. Smoking in the theatre and the outer arcade is strictly forbidden and it is forbidden to use an open flame.
  6. In the event of the evacuation of the theatre, everyone in the building at that time is obliged to follow the evacuation plan and the instructions of the people authorized to manage the evacuation.
  7. Anyone who notices a defect in the premises or the equipment of the theatre that threatens the safety of persons or a defect that could lead to property damage is obliged to report the defect immediately to an authorized person.
  8. In the event of an injury to any person, anyone who sees this fact is obliged to notify the authorized person or staff of the theatre. The theatre operator is not responsible for damages to property and health of visitors if they are caused by the irresponsibility of other people present.
  9. The area of the theatre is barrier-free. We recommend that people with limited mobility:

    • use only the first row of the auditorium to watch the performance;
    • be accompanied by someone who is physically able to assist in the evacuation of the person with limited mobility;
    • arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the performance;
    • announce their arrival to the usher at the main entrance, as a different entrance will be used; the theatre shall provide the assistance of a staff member who will help the person with limited mobility enter the theatre and leave after the performance;
    • use the bathrooms for people with limited mobility located in the theatre.
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