30th Czech Dance Platform
7. – 10. 2024

The current edition of the Czech Dance Platform (CDP) marks a significant and symbolically rich milestone. While 30 years may be deemed somewhat demonized in the context of human life and history, it holds immense importance for the establishment of a resilient dance scene. This period represents a critical timeframe, shaped by the dedicated efforts of hundreds of individuals. For CDP 2024 to truly capture the evolution of their continuous endeavours, as evidenced not only since the early nineties, it is imperative to acknowledge a fundamental principle: the persistence of creators transcends territorial, linguistic, genre and generational boundaries.

To achieve such a commitment, the Dramaturgical Council, composed of mainly foreign experts (Anna Cremonini, Elia Liloff, Anton Ovchinnikov), who were accompanied by a local element (Martin Macháček), worked on the program of the thirtieth CDP. The interplay of collaborative discussions has given rise to a program that mirrors the delicate nuances amid the usually contrasting poles of the Czech scene. Monumental meets subtle, eccentric intertwines with intimate, and, above all, the established encounters the new.

More information about the selection by the Dramaturgical Council can be found here.

Members of the Dramaturgical Council in 2024

Anna Cremonini
Anna Cremonini
artistic director of  Torinodanza Festivalu, IT
Anton Ovchinnikov
Anton Ovchinnikov
Director of the UA Contemporary Dance Platform and Zelyonka fest, UA
Elia Liloff
Elia Liloff
director of the festival One Dance Week, Plovdiv, BG
Martin Macháček
Martin Macháček
Czech playwright, director, actor, theater critic, VJ, editor and radio columnist, CZ

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    Festival meeting point

    PONEC - dance venue

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    130 00 Prague 3

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