Face to Face: networking opportunity

Selecting works for the CDP is not easy, which was shown again this year. Out of more than 40 entrants, a total of 10 are in the program, but at least another 15 were strongly considered, either by the Dramaturgical Council and/or by young critics. And we, as the organizers, thought it fair to address them and offer another opportunity to show what they have. Not everyone can be here, but we appreciate the great interest and support for the new format. 


Important partners of the CDP are also able to support the further development of international cooperation of Czech artists, be it the state, a city or institution, so we invited representatives of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Czech Centres and the Institute of Arts – Theatre Institute. Thank you for accepting the invitation to share opportunities for such support!

Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic / OMV / 
Support for the presentation of Czech artist abroad.
The representative of the Ministry of Culture presented the current funding supporting mobility of artists. For several years dance companies have been able to receive support for their international projects. During the presentation, the upcoming calls financed from Czechia´s Recovery and Resilience Plan were presented.
Presents: Petr Hnízdo 

Prague City Hall
Individual grants to support the representation of Prague abroad.
Presents: Jiří Sulženko
Prague City Hall

The Czech Centres
The Czech Centres are a cultural institute established by the Czech MFA. Their 26 branches worldwide support the mobility and networking of international professionals via curatorial and press trips.
Presents: Alena Kopečná, The Czech Centres / Curatorial & Press Trips


PerformCzech / Arts and Theatre Institutes
PerformCzech is a part of the Arts and Theatre Institute. Entrusted by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, we design and implement the program of promotion of Czech performing arts abroad. 
Presents: Radka Lím Labendz

Creative Europe Desk Czech Republic
Creative Europe, the EU's program to support cultural and creative industries, provides grants for European cooperation projects, European networks and platforms, and new short-term mobility. It provides further opportunities to supported projects. 
Presents: Magdaléna Müllerová

Tanec Praha z.ú.
Program Creative Europe and Czech Artists
Presents: Yvona Kreuzmannová


Photo: Josef Kubíček

Marie Gourdain is a French choreographer, scenographer and visual artist whose artistic activities have been developed in Prague since 2010. Her work merges her formation in the visual arts with contemporary dance, drawing on the elements of graphic and sculptural composition. In 2015 she joined the physical theatre and dance collective tYhle. Today Marie has five pieces in the collective’s repertoire. In 202O she received the first International Caroline-Neuber-Scholarship awarded by the City of Leipzig. Following which she recently created a new company in France called Matière Mobile.

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Documentation of production Mu—Tation
Video document Mu---Tation
Video portrait

Photo: Lukáš Hausenblash

I am an artist from Czech republic coming from the dance field. Since 2016 I have been sharing my experience from the dance world and the „Fighting Monkey Practice“ with a wide range of people from different backgrounds and levels (professionals, kids, amateurs). Together with Jakub Zeman  as instructors of  FM we are leading workshops in Czech, Europe and Latin America. From 2020 I am actively focused on my  own creation and  collaboration as a performer and choreographer  with the other artists.

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Vimeo: Production Cube

FARO moving space  is a specific platform of departure and arrival to meet and to collaborate in an artistic field, focused in performing art. It aims to be a meeting point in such a vast sea of contemporary art. Our fellowship focuses mainly in dance and physical theater, music, fine art and visual art. Our aim is to cooperate with artists, companies and associations from the widest possible variety of branches on individual projects above all at an international level. We organize events and also educational programs as workshops. It is a platform to meet and to build up connections, an initiator of eventual future cooperation and further development for artists.  

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Tušení stínu 
Studený bufet

Photo: Vojta Brtnický

A performer, dancer and guide to the world of moving structures. She has been part of the artistic landscape since 2003. She researches the complexity of West African culture, dance and music in relation to the "European body" – individual and social, contemporary techniques and approaches to the body, space and sound. Later, she focused more on the art scene and shifted her work to the "pause" between art and movement performance. She experiments with media, installations, gallery and public space.

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Photo: Čeněk Folk 

Martina Hajdyla Lacová
(*1986) Martina graduated from the J.L. Bell Conservatory in Banská Bystrica and the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, majoring in Dance Pedagogy. She is a founding member of the ME-SA dance group. Since 2010 she has been working as a freelance dancer and teacher. She combines work and creation in the domestic Prague environment with collaborations in foreign ensembles. She won the Dancer of the Year 2015 award and was nominated for the Thalia Award 2016 for her performance in L/One of the Seven. Since 2018, she has also worked as a choreographer.

Zuzana Sceranková (*1993) Zuzana graduated in scenography at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre DAMU in Prague. In her work as a set designer and dancer she focuses on theatre on the border with visual art and installation. At the turn of 2017/2018, she took part in an internship at the Department of Choreography and Performance at the Justus-Liebig Universität in Giessen, Germany. She is an active member of an independent creative group of eight people.

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Kateřina Jabůrková, Photo: Miroslav Materna     Ester Trčková, Photo: Miroslav Materna

SPOLK is an art collective of young dancers who graduated from Duncan Centre Conservatory and the Academy of Performing Arts. Our creative process revolves around and reacts to various social topics. We typically examine our chosen subject in great detail to develop a distinctive dance performance, not limited by traditional expressions, but rather expanding on our movement vocabulary by taking inspiration, for example, from the physical theater. The interests are also in site specific forms of performances and draws from varied experiences of each member through contemporary styles, acting to street styles. The SPOLK collective aims to catch the attention and educate a wide range of audiences, including the young generation.

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Mirka Eliášová, Foto: Jiří Jakl       Romana Packová, Foto: Štěpán Látal  

Eli and coll. is an organic group of artists that collaborates with the HTSpE, z.s. art association. The artists create performative projects for children and the general public with choreographer and director Mirka Eliášová and sound director Jiří Jakl.
The projects are created in tandem by a composer and choreographer. The dialogue between ideas and the use of new technologies (electroacoustic-computer music) is crucial, as well as the creation of process experiments through improvisation at the beginning of the creation of the choreography with a focus on the dancers' individuality.

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Youtube Mirka Eliášová
Youtube Eli a kol.

Jan Stránský is a movement artist and choreographer/director working in the fields of physical theater and dance. Graduated at AccademiaTeatro Dimitri, Switzerland in the field of Physical Theater and currently studies MA of choreography COMMA at universities Codarts/Fontys, Netherlands. He is a co-founder of The nomad Theater company Žebřiňák that has brought theater to remote villages since 2008. Director of performance “Last Drop”.

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Trailer “Last Drop”
Stransky ART Company z.s. Vimeo

This is a multidisciplinary female collective consisting of dancer Sona Feriencíková (SK) , visual artist Mária Júdová (SK), and sound artist and architect Alexandra Timpau (RU), that aims at blurring the boundaries of dance through ambitious cross-genre work. Using collaborative and non-hierarchical work principles, the group works at the intersection between dance, architecture, and audio-visual explorations.  

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Inbetween trailer

A Czech-French collective of artists from generation Y dealing with contemporary movement and visual art. tYhle is composed of four artists who share a similar view of contemporary art, based on the need to experiment and cross borders. Actors and dancers Lukáš Karásek and Florent Golfier, scenographer and choreographer Marie Gourdain and lighting designer Zuzana Režná have in recent years increasingly pursued their own artistic goals and developed distinctive authorial poetics.

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