ARTIST TRIP II – Wellmass trip

Eva Stará

09. 04.

Performative baths, visual and physical relaxation. Put yourself in the hands of our Wellmass team.

“I’ve always admired all those naked bodies, their curves and shapes. When I’m alone and need a massage, I squeeze my hands and feet…”

This is a site-specific fragment from the performance Wellness, specially prepared for guests of the Czech Dance Platform festival.

Get to know Prague through the eyes of local artists! Head with them to their favourite spots and experience unique walks. It seamlessly connects to the next program.

Please reserve your place through the reservation form – capacity is limited!

Eva Stará

Dancer, performer, acrobat and choreographer. She studied dance at the Duncan Centre Conservatory and continued her movement education at the department of non-verbal theatre at Prague’s HAMU. She collaborates with numerous acclaimed ensembles, theatres and directors within the Czech scene, and has long been involved in movement pedagogy.

She is one of the founding members of the HOLEKTIV collective, a progressive ensemble operating at the intersection of dance and new circus genres, known for its original productions characterized by visually powerful imagery and success with audiences.


In her work, she seeks the lively energy between the audience and the performer. She focuses on themes of self-acceptance and body positivity, which she explores in the project series MASS under the directorial guidance of Jindřiška Křivánková.

PERFORMERS: Sára Halušková, Lucie Vrbíková, Kristýna Břeská, Barbora Matějková and Anna Pecinová  CONCEPT: Eva Stará  DRAMATURGY: Jindřiška Křivánková  MUSIC: Matouš Hekela  COSTUMES: Oldrich Voyta

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