Closing Evening

09. 04.
PONEC - dance venue

This year’s anniversary platform will not grant any awards, reverting to the event’s “non-competitive” nature.

The evening program will focus on reflecting on the past 30 years and will be attended by guests of the platform, distinguished guests, and artists from the Czech contemporary dance scene.

The evening is open to all who are interested.

Martin Macháček, the sole Czech member of this year’s Dramaturgical Council, delved into the archives of Czech Television and unearthed hidden treasures. The screening of excerpts from ČT news will immerse us in the past, alongside a special edition of Taneční zona commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Czech Dance Platform, drawing from the archives of the Theatre Institute and Tanec Praha. Such a journey into history evokes a plethora of memories, both sweet and exhilarating, which you are invited to share with us. The presence of witnesses is warmly encouraged. Subsequently, we will return to our experiences on the platform, here and now. Three esteemed foreign guests will impart their reflections on this year’s edition, without singling out specific works or personalities, but offering perspectives on what they perceive as original, appealing, unique, shocking, provocative, beautiful, perplexing…simply different.

In the evening, Alyssa Dillard will guide us in close cooperation with the CDP team.

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Festival meeting point

PONEC - dance venue

Husitská 899/24A

130 00 Prague 3

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