Paweł Sakowicz

08. 04.
Studio Hrdinů

Fatamorgana, choreographed by Paweł Sakowicz, is a dance piece focusing on covering and uncovering the (romantic) landscape. The intricate light, space and sound design explore the concept of night as a mystery that makes ordinary things, sounds and bodies seem different and eerie. The group of wanderers move cautiously; sometimes in extreme slow motion, at other times trembling with the excitement of the unknown.

It all starts when a group of six people meet in an undefined space and simultaneously utter the same phrase: “Luckily, we’re going the same way.” From that moment on, they start walking towards the back, gazing at the ever-changing landscape, like a multiplied figure from a romantic painting. Over countless nights and days, they merge with the space and themselves become the landscape.

Paweł Sakowicz

is a choreographer and dancer. Paweł creates his own choreographic performances, but often also collaborates with theatre and film directors. His main artistic interests are the history of dance and the issues of cultural appropriation in choreography. Paweł’s works include many projects, that have been presented in three editions of the Polish Dance Platform, at La Biennale de danse du Val-de-Marne, Tramway Glasgow, Norma Festival, Divine Comedy Festival, NYU Skirball in New York and CAC New Orleans, among others.

Agnė Matulevičiūtė

is a sound artist and composer, with a particular focus on music for theatre and film. She has composed music for more than 20 productions in the biggest Lithuanian theatres. She is the artistic director of the music festival “Music in Space”, and the organiser of the international theatre festival “Sirenos” club program. In her compositions she often uses the sounds of modular and analogue synthesizers from her 1980s collection.

Valentýna Janů

graduated from Prague’s FAMU in photography and later studied at the Intermedia studio at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Her suggestive installations often combine spectacular videos and video essays in environments completed by fabrics and other materials and objects. They playfully address big life questions determined by the world of technology, patriarchal system and climate change. In 2021, she became the laureate of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award.

DIRECTOR: Paweł Sakowicz CHOREOGRAPHY: Paweł Sakowicz CAST: Lukáš Adam, Sára Armstein, Jan Bárta, Adéla Gajdošová, Karolína Růžičková, Natálie Řehořová

LIGHT DESIGN: Václav Hruška SOUND DESIGN / MUSIC: Agnè Matulevičiūtè SCENE: Valentýna Janů COSTUMES: Paweł Sakowicz PRODUCTION: Studio Hrdinů PROMOTION, PR: Anna Ribanská

PREMIERE: 16. 6. 2023, Studio Hrdinů DURATION: 60 min AGE: 12+

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