Why things go wrong


07. 04.
Studio Maiselovka

The performance of Why Things Go Wrong, choreographed by Sylva Šafková and performed by the duo of dancers Michal Heriban and Viktor Konvalinka, was created exclusively for Studio Maiselovka. Through contemporary dance, it explores the theme of the (im)moral, ethically challenging nature of human behaviour.

It raises, through contemporary dance, the unique theme of the (un)moral, ethically challenging nature of human behaviour, which, although often overlooked, seriously affects the lives of everyone around us. Everyone has probably experienced a situation where everything was going right until it all went wrong. Sometimes, it is just a coincidence, but a specific culprit can often be identified. The performance addresses the grave subject of the evil that such people cause.

The show was inspired by Aaron James’ book Assholes: A Theory: “We consider a person to be an ‘Asshole’ if they systematically claim to benefit from privileges in interpersonal relationships by virtue of an ingrained sense of entitlement immunising them against other people’s complaints.”

Sylva Šafková

is a choreographer. She began her dance studies in 1994 at the Conservatory in Brno and later transferred to the Prague Dance Conservatory. From 2000 to 2002, she continued her studies at the École-atelier Rudra Béjart in Lausanne. In 2002-2003 she danced with the Compagnie M – Maurice Béjart. She was a soloist with the Prague Chamber Ballet of the Prague State Opera in 2004-2005 and later a demi-soloist with the National Theatre Ballet in Prague until 2013. In 2009, she graduated from the Prague Academy of Performing Arts with a degree in choreography. She participated in several internships in Israel, including Vertigo Dance Company and Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. Since 2015, she has been working with the Dance Company Nanine Linning / Theatre Heidelberg, where she held the position of rehearsal director and assistant choreographer in 2016-2017. Currently, she closely collaborates with the contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE, where she has choreographed InspiraCe, Why Things Go Wrong and HeArt of Noise.

Michal Heriban

is not only a dancer but also a versatile artist and choreographer focused on contemporary dance and physical theatre. He created the costumes and scenography for Amazonky and Krajinou slz by Lenka Vagnerová & Company, of which he was formerly a member. His paintings have been displayed at Bratislava Castle. Today, Michal works with, among others, BURKI&COM, the National Theatres in Prague and Brno, Losers Cirque Company and with 420PEOPLE in Why Things Go Wrong. He is also the co-founder of the Jedným dychom theatre.

Viktor Konvalinka

is among the most significant figures of Czech ballet and contemporary dance. He has had countless roles in the National Theatre in Prague as well as many other world stages, especially in Sweden. He won the main prize in the ballet category at Grand Prix Brno in 2003 and the Czech Thalia award for “best male dancer” in 2015 for his improvised solo in Ohan Naharin’s Decadance, a piece to which he to this day refers as one of the most powerful dance experiences he has ever had. Viktor is the co-founder of DEKKADANCERS and works with 420PEOPLE, the National Theatres in Prague and Brno, and others.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Sylva Šafková DANCERS: Michal Heriban, Viktor Konvalinka TEXT: Jiří Šafka MUSIC: hudební koláž MUSIC EDITING: Golden Hive Studio & Amak Golden SET DESIGN & COSTUMES: Sylva Šafková, Jiří Šafka SCENE: David Borovský, Marek Flachs PRODUCTION: Anna Borovská

PR: Aneta Jochim LIGHT DESIGN: Martin Špetlík PHOTOGRAPHY: Vojtěch Brtnický TRAILER: Tomáš Vlček

WITH FINANCIAL SUPPORT OF: City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague 1 and Studio Maiselovka

PREMIERE: 11.3. 2023, Studio Maiselovka DURATION: 50 min AGE: adult


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