27th Czech Dance Platform•••
27. – 30.9. 2021

The Czech Dance Platform is held regularly every year in the spring. Last year’s 26th Czech Dance Platform took place only online in November 2020, so at the 27th annual festival we presented live works selected for both 2020 and 2021, again postponed from spring to autumn: 27 – 30 September 2021.

The Platform’s extremely busy program in 2021 was very varied. Productions by already established ensembles or artists on the Czech scene were presented, as well as the productions by the young generation. The festival was personally attended by 70 accredited guests, mainly from abroad, who often took the opportunity of the first trip beyond the borders of their home countries. In the current difficult time, this number testifies to the interest in the contemporary Czech dance and movement theatre scene and its undeniable qualities, as well as the professional quality of the Tanec Praha organization in maintaining contacts and connections with the international community of contemporary dance and movement theatre.

The works are selected by the Dramaturgical Council composed of experts in the field. In 2020 and 2021, the Dramaturgical Council was composed of: Lucia Kašiarová, Jitka Pavlišová, Pierre Nadaud, Lucie Hayashi (only in 2020), Petra Dotlačilová (only in 2021), Nina Vangeli as a senior member, and Yvona Kreuzmannová and Markéta Perroud sharing one vote.

For 2020 and 2021, we also approached art students to collaborate on the selection of productions and we discussed the submitted productions with them. The young critics had the opportunity to watch the submitted works partially live (2020) or on video (2021) and to vote on works that they believe should not be missing from the Platform.

In 2020, they selected three works: Jana Stárková, Lukas Blaha, Ondřej Menoušek: Lavabo, POCKETART/Sabina Bočková, Johana Pocková: The Lion’s Den and Cécile Da Costa: Roselyne, in agreement with the works selected by the Dramaturgical Council. In 2021, they selected four works, only three of which were in agreement with the Dramaturgical Council: POCKETART / Sabina Bočková, Johana Pocková, Inga Zotova Mikshina: Treatment of Remembering, Divadlo Continuo: Hic Sunt Dracones, T.I.T.S: Tumour: A Carcinogenic RomanceDočasná Company z.s. with the work Effugio volume 2 was selected only by the young critics as their priority and was therefore also included in the Platform program.

This format of collaboration with young critics is part of the European project Be SpectACTive!, which offers new ways of active audience participation.  

In 2021, we expanded the accompanying program to include systematic collaboration with young critics led by journalists from Springback Magazine (Sanjoy Roy and Oonagh Duckworth) and Czech critic Nina Vangeli, who in their work deal with the reflection of dance and movement works. We organized a review-writing workshop for those interested from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who discussed individual works with mentors during the festival and wrote short reviews about them, which were subsequently translated and placed on the Platform’s website.

In 2021 the festival took place in eight Prague theatre and non-theatre venues (PONEC – the dance venue, Studio ALTA, Venuše ve Švehlovce, Divadlo X10, SWIM, La Fabrika, DOX+, Palác Akropolis), where we presented 14 productions by 12 ensembles or individual artists in three very full days. 

Accredited guests and artists could then meet during the morning discussion format Discussions & Brunch – The Art of Dialogue, during which the works presented the previous day were discussed. There were three discussions in total: on 28 September in DOX+, on 29 September in Studio ALTA and on 30 September in PONEC. 

This year again there was an informal meeting with project creators called Meet the Artists.

The culmination of the 27th Czech Dance Platform was the award ceremony, which was decided by a nine-member International Jury, which saw all the selected works of the Platform.

Dramaturgical Council in 2020 and 2021

  • Petra Dotlačilová (2021) – deputy editor of Dance News (Taneční aktuality) and researcher at Dance and Theatre Department at Stockholm University. Teacher at Dance Department at HAMU and Södertörn University, collaborates with Centre de musique baroque Versailles
  • Lucie Hayashi  (2020) – founder and editor of Dance News (Taneční aktuality), secretary of the Department of Dance at the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU)
  • Lucia Kašiarová (2020, 2021) – director of the non-profit organization ALT@RT, founder of the cultural centre Studio ALTA (recently moved to Invalidovna) and the HAYBAJ HO festival of Slovak contemporary dance, artist
  • Yvona Kreuzmannová (2020, 2021) – founder and director of Tanec Praha, the initiator of Dance House project, lectures on arts management at the University of Economics (shares a joint vote in the Dramaturgical Council with Markéta Perroud) 
  • Pierre Nadaud (2020, 2021) – head of the DIFA JAMU Physical Theatre Studio, philosopher, clown, dancer, choreographer-director and teacher
  • Jitka Pavlišová (2020, 2021) – assistant professor at the Department of Film Studies in Palacký University Olomouc, member of the dramaturgical team of the dance-performative programs of Divadelní Flora Festival
  • Markéta Perroud (2020, 2021) – artistic co-director of Tanec Praha, artistic director of PONEC – dance venue (shares a joint vote in the Dramaturgical Council with Yvona Kreuzmannová)
  • Nina Vangeli (2020, 2021) – dance publicist, the senior editor of Dance Zone Magazine, pedagogue of the Duncan Center conservatory, senior jury member.

You can find the selection criteria for works to the Czech Dance Platform festival here.


  • Roberto Casarotto (IT) – director of dance projects at Centro per la Scena Contemporanea di Bassano del Grappa (CSC) and Operaestate Festivale Veneto
  • Béatrice Horn (FR) – artistic consultant at Maison de la Danse and Dance Biennale in Lyon
  • Gintare Masteikaite (LT) – director of the Lithuanian Dance Information Centre
  • Samme Raeymaekers (NO) – artistic director of Dansens Hus Oslo
  • Anita van Dolen (NL) – artistic and executive director of Julidans, International Festival of Contemporary Dance in Amsterdam, dramaturg of the dance program for the International Theatre Amsterdam (ITA)
  • Markéta Perroud – artistic co-director of Tanec Praha, artistic director of the PONEC Theatre
  • Yvona Kreuzmannová – founder and director of Tanec Praha, creator of the Dancehouse project, lectures on arts management at the Prague University of Economics and Business 
  • Lucia Kašiarová – director of the non-profit organization ALT@RT, founder of the Studio ALTA cultural centre, artist
  • Pierre Nadaud – head of the Physical Theatre Studio DIFA JAMU, philosopher, clown, dancer, choreographer, director and educator


  • Jiří Opěla – award initiator, producer
  • Lucia Kašiarová – winner of the 2018 award, director of the non-profit organization ALT@rt, founder of Studia ALTA and artist
  • Jan Malík – winner of the 2017 award, dancer, educator and producer


CDP Main Award 2021: 
POCKETART – Treatment of Remembering – creative trio of Sabina Bočková, Johana Pocková and Inga Zotova-Mikshina – The nine-member international jury appreciated the sense of composition and close collaboration with the creators of the lighting design, music and scenography, and the connection to an already promising previous creative work – The Lion’s Den. At the same time, it values the conscious interest in current issues of our society.

CDP Award (outstanding artits): 
Markéta Vacovská for exceptional performance and authorship. For her contribution, a very personal and at the same time universal and communicative approach as well as for the courage to share a difficult topic and a very strong connection with the musician Sára Vondrášková. The award is presented with the support of the Czech Centres, which will provide the awarded individuals with a paid one-week stay in one of the European CCs of their choice.

CDP Audience Award: 
POCKETART / Sabina Bočková, Johana Pocková and Inga Zotova-Mikshina: Treatment of Remembering 

Special Award of the International Jury: 
Sára Vondrášková, Lukáš Palán, Jakub Štourač – for the excellent interplay of these musicians with the creators and performers, for their contribution to the works and their presence on stage

Manager of the Year 2020: 
Zuzana Bednarčiková of Švestkový Dvůr Malovice, significant contribution to the region and performing arts

Manager of the Year 2021: 
Markéta Málková for the REZI.DANCE residence centre in Komařice, significant contribution to the region, dance and new circus


Monday 27 September
11:00 registration at PONEC – dance venue
15:00 Michal Záhora: Generation X / Divadlo X10
16:30 Cécile Da Costa: Roselyne / Venuše ve Švehlovce
18:00 T.I.T.S.: Tumor: Carcinogenic Romance / Studio ALTA
20:00 POCKETART / Sabina Bočková, Johana Pocková: The Lion´s Den / PONEC – dance venue

Tuesday 28 September
11:30 The Art of Dialogue / Discussions and Brunch / DOX+
13:30 Eliška Brtnická: HANG OUT / DOX+
15:00 Michal Záhora: The End’s Turnabout / PONEC – dance venue
16:30 Markéta Vacovská: Separated / Venuše ve Švehlovce
18:00 Ondřej Holba: And Who Is Useless Now? / Palac Akropolis
20:00 Temporary Collective / Tereza Ondrová, Petra Tejnorová and coll.: Duets / La Fabrika

Wednesday 29 September
10:30 The Art of Dialogue / Discussions and Brunch / Studio ALTA
12:30 Meet the Artists / Studio ALTA
12:00 and 13:30 Dočasná Company z.s.: Effugio volume 2 / Studio ALTA
15:00 Stárková, Blaha, Menoušek: Lavabo / SWIM
16:30 Divadlo Continuo: Hic Sunt Dracones / Divadlo X10
18:00 Spitfire Company / Miřenka Čechová, Markéta Vacovská: Constellations III. My son looking to the sun / La Fabrika
20:00 POCKETART / Sabina Bočková, Johana Pocková, Inga Zotova – Mikshina: Treatment of Remembering / PONEC – dance venue

 Thursday 30 September
11:30 Final Discussions and Brunch / PONEC – dance venue
13:00 Final Award Event

During this year’s festival a Review-writing workshop took place in cooperation with Springback Academy / Aerowaves, an international mentoring program on how to write reviews.

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Festival meeting point

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